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Bipolar disorder is a serious brain condition that is marked by fluctuations between depressed and manic states. It can impact a person’s ability to work, maintain relationships, and perform basic life tasks. This is a serious disease that if left untreated can ruin a person’s life, or in the case of suicide, end it. This disorder is studied by those entering medical professions, public policy students, students studying to be social workers and counselors, psychology students, future educators, and even students seeking careers in law enforcement and legal fields. Any of these students may be asked to write a Bipolar Disorder Research Paper. In order to give students a bit of help with this assignment, we have broken this task down into a few steps that they can follow in to make sure they can turn in a great research paper.

Step 1: Topic Selection

There are so many possible topics that you can focus on in your essay. The exact topic that you select may depend on your professor’s instructions, the specific class you are taking, any existing knowledge that you may have, and your interests. Here are a few essay topic ideas to get started:

  • What steps can families take to encourage family members to remain medication compliant?
  • Write a research paper explaining ‘what is bipolar disorder’ in a way that a lay person can understand.
  • Discuss how to treat bipolar disorder when it is comorbid with another mental illness.
  • What are the benefits of crisis intervention training when law enforcement officers are dealing with a person with bipolar disorder.
  • What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder in a teenager?
  • What are the best ways to minimize the negative side effects of the most common drugs used to treat bipolar disorder?
  • How does stigma impact the support that those with bipolar disorder receive?
  • Do public health screenings for mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder target the right populations?

Step 2: Researching and Taking Notes

Once you have selected your topic, it is time to begin researching and taking notes. Carefully select the sources that you use. You want to be sure that they are up to date, medically accurate, and that they do not come with an ‘agenda’. If you can find publications that have been written by somebody in your field, that is even better. Once you have your sources, you are ready to read and take notes. Remember to organize your notes by ideas and concepts, not by source.

Step 3: Creating the Outline

There is no right way to do this. Some students prefer to use a standard numbered outline when writing research papers. Other students have developed their own system of creating an outline. As long as the outline contains information that can be used to create the body, conclusion, and introductory paragraphs, that is just fine.

Step 4: Writing the Rough and Final Drafts

The outline will become the rough draft. Then, the student can make revisions and changes until they have a final product they are satisfied with. Don’t forget to include citations in the final draft.

Step 5: Writing the Title Page and the Works Cited Page

Don’t forget that the title page and works cited page must be finished and turned in also. Refer back to notes if needed for information on the resources used.

Step 6: Getting Research Paper Help

This is an intense topic. Do not hesitate to come to us for help if you should need it.

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A List Of Impressive Research Paper Topics On Bipolar Disorder

When you are asked to write a research paper on bipolar disorder, you are either overwhelmed by ideas or have none whatsoever. Both scenarios are confusing and likely to delay your work. However, with a list of impressive topics on bipolar disorder, your work will be very easy to complete.

When choosing a topic, consider areas such as its effect on children health, education, activity, etc. You also may study treatment and management of the disorder. Consider the conditions that make the patient better or worse and its influence on social and intimate life. Here is a list of some of the most impressive topics on bipolar disorder.

  1. Treatment issues in infant and adolescent bipolar disorder cases
  2. The impact of family on the severity and management of bipolar disorder
  3. The cultural, legal and ethical concerns when dealing with bipolar disorders
  4. Management of bipolar disorder through cognitive behavior therapy
  5. Latest medical interventions in treatment and management of bipolar disorder
  6. How parents can easily deal with bipolar disorder diagnosis
  7. Psychotherapy and bipolar disorder management
  8. The impact of substance abuse on bipolar disorder
  9. Psychotic features in maniac episodes of bipolar disorder
  10. Is suicidal ideation part of bipolar disorder?
  11. Cost evaluation of bipolar disorder
  12. The child abuse effect on bipolar disorder
  13. The misuse of mood stabilizers and their long term effect on bipolar disorder
  14. Bipolar disorder and its prevalence in veterans
  15. Suicidal attempts among adolescent with bipolar disorder

How to Make Your Research Paper Interesting

The reason some people score better marks than others is because their papers are ordinary. It is very easy to get top marks by implementing the following simple ideas.

  • Choose an interesting topic- there are many interesting areas of study away from what has been studied over the years. Choose one of these areas and create an interesting topic on the area. It will inspire you during research and ensure that you produce excellent work.
  • Read widely- an impressive research paper on bipolar disorder requires intensive research. Research makes it interesting to read as well as captivating to your supervisor or teacher. It shows that you understand your area well and can support your arguments.
  • Make the topic fresh- with a lot of papers written on bipolar disorder, you will need a catchy and unique topic to capture the attention of the reader. Avoid areas that have been studied over and over. Check news items and the latest journals for fresh topic ideas.

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