Ford Vs.Chevy Persuasive Essay

Are you looking for a truck well then your going to get shell shocked so to speak by every person saying that Chevy or ford trucks are better.
The first thing you have to realize is that a lot of people are very biased to there favorite truck. So when you ask someone the big question which one is better people will tell you the one they like which might not be the best choice for you. Chevy trucks ride on there reputation from the past however, From all of the research I have done I have come to see that chevy just does not make as good of a product as ford does. Even though chevrolet trucks have a good reputation, ford is a better choice because they are better built and have more durable parts.
The new 2015 ford F150 Has been tested harsher then any other pickup ever built It has been torture tested from the tires up. The suspension has been completely redesigned and is not only stronger but better comfort. The towing ratings have been raised by 1600 pounds which allows people to haul more payload. Also the front suspension is independent which means better off road capability. Along with better highway comfort and more control during emergency situations.
Also the ford builds the F150 body panels out of Aluminum And that allows the truck to be lighter then anything else in its class along with the new ford ecoboost V6 twin turbo direct injection it allows best fuel mileage in its class Which is always a good thing to save gas. The body panels on the F150 are stronger then the stamped steel body panels that Chevy uses.

Ford has designed and built what many experts say is the best truck that has been built. Also since the F150 has been America's best selling truck for the last 35 years I think that says something about there product. So when you are comparing trucks you know which one is the good truck and which one is just there. So because Chevy has a good reputation does not mean it is the best Ford is better built better designed and more economical....

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Ford and Chevrolet (Chevy) are in the automotive industry and have been in completion for many years start back in 1908, both companies started in the state of Michigan and have been battling it out for profits, market share and hometown bragging rights. Ford was founded in the suburb of Dearborn, Michigan and Chevy was founded in Flint, Michigan. Ford and Chevy both are good-producing sectors, they both manufacture automobiles that are similar but different. They each have a mission statement, Ford’s mission statement “One Team, One Plan, One Goal.” Ford’s mission statement is defined to each part of the statement, One Team meaning people working together as a lean, global enterprise. One Plan meaning aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix, developing new products our customers want and value, finance our plan and improve our balance sheet, and work together as one team.

One Goal meaning an exciting viable Ford delivering profitable growth for all. Chevy’s mission statement is an unofficial statement “We win when the customer says we win.” Chevy has an unofficial mission statement but uses more of Five Principles to guide its business, Safety and Quality First, create long-life customers, innovate, deliver long-term investment value and make a positive difference. Both Ford and Chevy are oligopoly competition, being that both companies supplies a large portion of the automotive industry. Being in the oligopolistic market these two companies compete with each other on styles of cars and trucks based on factors like price, mileage, and safety factors. Consumers research these factors to find the best fit for them. In the automotive industry, brand loyalty means more than with most retail products. As long as I can remember it’s a “Ford vs Chevy” world, you’re on one side or the other and most often stay true to the brand.

Ford has dominated in brand loyalty, bring back more consumers for their F-series trucks. Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado have about the same marketing strategy, they both are trying to appeal to the working class man that needs a durable truck. They both offer sales promotions when purchasing their truck. They offer incentives of rebates, 0% financing, and cash back. Ford and Chevy do a lot of advertising for all their vehicles, these advertise on television, internet, newspaper, and magazines. When it comes to the truck series they focus on how tough their trucks are for construction workers, hauling heavy items and pulling large trailers. Ford’s F-150 slogan is “Built Ford Tough” and Chevy Silverado slogan is “Like a Rock,” giving you the impression that they have the best truck for your needs.

The Ford trademark has changed over the years, the current logo was updated in 2003 for the 100th anniversary. The trademark for Chevy have been the same since it as introduced in 1913. Each logo is easy to spot wherever you travel. Both Ford and Chevrolet/GM have a Board of Directors that are dedicated to serving the interests of the shareholders. Board of directors are elected by the shareholders. Ford stock closed at 15.78 on April 25, 2014 which is a 3.30% decrease. Chevy stock closed at 33.72, which also was a decrease of .45%. These stocks have ups and downs, when to two companies were in financial trouble, Chevy stocks were potentially worthless, Fords stock dropped by about .50 but still held some value. In 2013 SWOT analysis Ford and Chevy both had some strengths and weaknesses. They both have different strengths but common weaknesses.

Ford StrengthsFord Weaknesses
Strong position in US marketPoor environmental record
ECOnetic initiativeHigh cost structure
Sound financial performanceUnprofitable Europe operations
“One Ford” approach
Significant growth in China

Chevy Strengths Chevy Weaknesses
Global presenceHigh cost structure
New vision and strategyBrand dilution
Strong brand portfolioBureaucratic culture
Knowledge of home marketCar recalls
4 well performing brands

Socio-cultural Factors


Ford in recent months has increased their advertising to help consumers understand that Ford is an innovative and exciting company with new and pertinent vehicles that are sleek in design and capability. Ford has
increased their advertising to new drivers or parents of new drivers explaining why their new models are some of the best cars available for new drivers to use.


Today’s society judges people on the type of car you drive. Society does not like to admit to this but it is very true. Manufactures know this happens and targets their markets by these thoughts. Anyone who drives a nice vehicle is thought to be wealthy. No one wants to be seen driving an unattractive piece of junk because of what other people will think of him or her. Consumers also just feel better when they are driving a nice or new car, if makes them feel better about themselves.



Ford’s major move in recent years is that of the technology that is in their cars. With Ford’s venture with Microsoft to introduce a “smart car” that has an understanding of what types of music the driver prefers to read text messages aloud and voice commands; Ford has definitely taken the lead in terms of technology inside the car.


The internet has affected just about every industry in the world and has also had a huge impact on the automobile industry. The buyers referred to the internet before making their purchases and went to the auto websites before going and taking a test drive. Business-to-business marketplaces have given the industry many opportunities because of the internet, such as more efficiency and lower cost.


Ford Motor Company has suffered just as the rest of the auto industry in the past years. Their ability to maintain a level of business that enabled them to stay afloat when others were taking handouts was an example of their ability to adapt to changing economic circumstances. Not only was the auto industry hammered during the recession of 2008, Ford Motor Company’s ability to stay above water with their financing capabilities was impressive as well.


The automobile industry has a huge impact on every country’s economy. This industry is the major user of computer chips, textiles, aluminum, copper, steel, iron, lead, plastics, vinyl, and rubber. The study also showed that for every autoworker there are seven other jobs created in other industries. These industries include anything from the aluminums to lead to vinyl.



Ford has taken a stand and not taken government handouts that most car companies did, they reconstructed the company by closing plants and selling other automotive companies they owned.


Chevy is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, to ensuring compliance with the letter and spirit of the law, and to promoting disclosure and accountability regarding political contributions and expenditures.


Ford has taken care of all the necessary precautions to make sure that their vehicles pass the inspections of the Federal Government of the United States. With all of the safety regulations, financial regulations, and any other regulations, Ford continues to maintain compliance with the ever-changing regulatory agencies that are continually being made.


Laws and government regulations have affected this industry since the 1960s. Almost all of the regulations come from consumers increasing concerns for the environment and the concern for safer automobiles.


Ford and Chevy are in competition with each other in the automotive industry. They both make similar cars and trucks. They continue to compete in every way possible to get the consumer believe their vehicle is better than the other. As I stated earlier, in most cases you are a “Ford guy” or a “Chevy guy.” I myself, was a “Chevy girl” until I continued to have bad luck with their vehicles, now I’m a “Ford girl.”

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