Job Satisfaction Factors Essay

It is clear that, the amount of time that adults spend working contains great proportion of their days. That is why, many people consider, if people are pleased with their jobs, it influences their general happiness in a positive way.

Of course, there are plenty of factors which give a rise to the job satisfaction. To begin with, taking under consideration that, nowadays people’s lives considerably depend on their income, salary seems to be the most impressive element defining their happiness with job. Existence of healthy work conditions is also a factor witch immediately comes to mind, since most people place very high value on health issues. Additionally, without any doubt, to have a good time at work is not possible without having a friendly work environment. To be more specific, no one can be satisfied with their jobs while having bad relationships with their colleagues, because it definitely causes stress and drops their effectiveness. Last, not but least, it is a common knowledge that, success at work triggers happiness, thus for many people it’s very important to have an opportunity to realize their potential.

Apparently, there are many elements contributing to the job satisfaction, but is it really possible to be happy at work? Actually, it might be realized, taking all the obligatory tasks, difficulties, hindrances of promotion and etc into account, this possibility is rare. Furthermore, even considering that employees are ready to tackle all those problems at their dream jobs, it is still very difficult to be recruited to the desired job in a world with so high unemployment rates and competition for each vacancy.

To sum it up, although it is very hard to be fully satisfied with a job, in order to be happy, it would be great, if human beings focused on only good aspects of their jobs and ignored their negative sides.

In adulthood people spend major part of their time in work place, therefore it is very important to be satisfied with their job. When it comes to job satisfaction variety of factors exist, in following i will discuss the contributing factors that make a person satisfied with his or her job and furthermore, whether job satisfaction for everyone is a realistic idea.

First of all, we must note that contributing factors to job satisfaction is not same for everyone, every individual according to his or her interests may have different factors for job satisfaction. Now let see what are the job satisfaction factors, nowadays one of the most important is money, there are many people who are totally satisfied with their job as long as their salary is high. The other factors are; job security, social status, job facilities, work environment and etc. However, all these factors are important and as I noted earlier every individual according to his or her interest prioritize the factors. For instance, when I was looking for job the work environment and job facilities were more important than other factors, hence, I chose the job that fulfills these factors, as a result now I am satisfied with my job.

However, the fact is we don’t always find the job that satisfies us. Sometime the job we interest does not cover our finance or in some cases our desire job is not available, therefore, there are many workers who are not satisfied with their job. For example, in many developing countries many people are not working in the same field as they have university degree at. Due to financial problem their first priority is money not their desired job.

In conclusion, to prioritize contributing factors to job satisfaction I must say money is first priority to most people and after that job security, social status, work environment and job facility are the main factors and finally, I believe unfortunately there are lots of people who are not satisfied with their job and subsequently, it would not be realistic to expect job satisfaction for everyone.

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