Soul Blade Iso Bin Assignments

Hello friends previously I wrote about playing cps1 and mame games on android. That post proved useful to many android gaming enthusiasts. We provided step by step procedure to play mame games in that post. However android is not limited to only CPS1 or MAME and we can even play Playstation 1 that is PS1, PSONE or PSX games on it. Yes you heard right PS1 games on android. You might be taking it lightly because you are thinking that how it is possible to emulate PS1 hardware on android which includes some of the best games of all time and even played today. But at the end of this post you will believe that it is possible to play PS1 games on android. Recently I have written about playing PSP games on android.

Before playing any PS1 game on android you should have atleast one android phone, a PS1 game rom(in this post I will be using tekken 3 playstation1 rom), SCPH1001 Bin File and FPse emulator for android. The download links for playstation1 roms and the FPSE emulator for android are given below.

Tekken 3 Playstation1 Rom Download links

You can try coolrom or emuparadise to download Playstation ROM or ISOs. To download more PS1 games for FPSE please read this tutorial.

FPSE 0.10.57 Playstation PS1 old emulator for android apk. Just Google search this app to download apk.


➜ Updated Tutorial : This tutorial is limited to android 4.3 Jellybean only, if you want to play it on android KitKat, Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat 7.1 then use this ePSXE Tutorial.

This tutorial will teach you how to play Tekken 3 on android and it is also a PS1 game. Before going to procedure lets have a short bio of this game. Tekken 3 is a fighting game developed by Namco for the Namco system 12 and was released in 1997. It was released for Playstation in 1998. Tekken 3 is considered as one of the best games of all times and is still played today. Tekken 3 is 3D game in which players can move around the third axis this is the newest feature of it that was missing in its previous versions. This game is the role model for every fighting game. Some most influencing characters of tekken 3 are Paul Phoenix, King, Nina Williams, Forest Law, Ling Xiaoyu, Heihachi Mishima and Ogre.

Now lets move to the instructions to play Tekken 3 on android. Follow all the instructions carefully and do not miss any instruction. I am using Samsung galaxy Y S5360 android phone to run Tekken 3 on it but you can play it on any Samsung android device or other android devices. So lets play Tekken 3 on android.

How To Play Playstation [PS1/PSX] Games On Android Phones And Tablets

  • Download all the files from  the links provided to you that is the FPSE emulator, SCPH1001 file and tekken 3 rom.
  • Install FPse emulator apk on your android phone and copy the tekken 3 rom and SCPH1001.BIN file directly to your phone’s memory card. If your phone doesn’t allow it then goto Settings>Applications>Unknown sources and check it then again install FPse. This time it will install.
  • Now open FPse your sd card’s files will open in it like a file explorer. Click your phone’s menu button and move to settings>SYSTEM>Bios loading>sdcard>SCPH1001.BIN. Now you have set the bios settings for FPSE without setting SCPH1001.BIN it won’t run. Uncheck the 'HLE mode' and click 'Default config save' to save bios settings.

  • Now tap menu button of your phone and choose 'Quit', then tap 'Restart'. This step is necessary because if you do not restart fpse then bios settings would not take effect and you can not save or load games without bios setup.
  • During restart the fpse app may get crashed. But don't worry its normal. To check if bios is successfully setup, launch the game and tap menu then tap 'Save', if you see save slots then bios is properly installed, if it gives bios warning then reuse the step above.
  • Make a folder on sdcard named 'PSONE' and put the Tekken 3 rom file in it. Now you have to load the game. FPSE will ask you to load a game ISO or binary file (.bin) which has a file format of (.bin). It will be like Playstation Tekken 3 NTSC USA.bin. That's it you have to click this file, see the image below. When you click this file the tekken 3 game will start playing. But you will see only the game running with no controls on screen.
  • There is no need to use pocket iso because it highly compresses the ps1 roms and removes all the game audio and videos. I won't recommend to use pocket iso because after using pocket iso you will not enjoy the games at their best because there will be no background fighting music and no game videos.

  • To play the game fully you have to make optimal settings for FPse emulator for android. I am giving the instructions to setup FPse.

Video Tutorial For Playing Playstation Games On Android Devices

Settings For FPse Emulator For Playing Tekken 3 On Android

➜ When game starts running after the 5th step above then goto following directory click menu>settings>INPUT>Touchscreen. Now you are here in this directory and have to make several settings which are given below.

  • Transparency : Click it and select “Disabled”.
  • Buttons Configuration : Scroll down and find these below and put a check mark against them.
  • Draw button 2(L1-L2) : put a check on it.
  • Draw button 3(R1-R2) :put a check on it.
  • Draw button 4(Start) : check it.
  • Draw button 5(Select) : check it.
➜ Now Press the back button and select “VIDEO”. Here we also have to make several configurations.
Note : Step 3 & 4 are only for single core android phones. Skip these steps if you have a dual or quad core android phone.

➜ Framelimiter : Do not put a check on it. Checking it will slow down tekken 3 gameplay.

➜ Frameskip : if you select no frameskip in this then game will run a little slow but you can use all  the player moves. But game’s background music will be like hell and hang because galaxy y is not a dual core processor android phone so it can’t handle gameplay with background music. You can disable the background music from game’s menu by moving to Tekken 3>OPTION MODE>GAME OPTION>BGM SELECT>SILENT>EXIT>SAVE . If you do this you will be able to play tekken 3 at full frames without background music.
If you select frameskip to 40fps then you will be able to play tekken 3 with background music. If you are using a quad core, octa-core android phone like Galaxy S8, then it can handle the game without any problem. But if game hangs then try skipping the frames. Select how many frames you want to skip and select best value for frame skipping at which game and music will play with smoothness. 40 fps skipping is optimal for Samsung galaxy Y S5360.

  • Frameskip fix : check it. If your phone is dual or quad core then no need to check it.
  • Screen size : Fullscreen
  • Screen Orientation : Auto. If you enable this then you will be able to play ps1 games on android in landscape or portrait mode by turning the phone.
➜ Click menu>save>OK.
➜ Now you are all set and enjoy your Tekken 3 on android.
➜ Also you can set L1-L2,R1-R2 buttons as a combination of two buttons. This is tekken 3 game setting not for FPSE. For this you have to go tekken 3 OPTION MODE>KEY CONFIGURATION>SETTING>L1.When you press L1 a combination of single and two buttons will open.Keep pressing L1 and move the up/down controller and select LK+RK then release the button. The procedure is same for L2,R1,R2.
I have installed and played following ps1 games on android with FPse emulator with optimal settings on galaxy y but if you have a dual core processor or an octa core processor android phone like galaxy s4, Samsung galaxy s3, galaxy note 2, galaxy S5, galaxy note 3, galaxy note 10.1,galaxy s2, galaxy tab 3, galaxy s advance, samsung galaxy tab 2, HTC one X, Moto G, Moto X, Droid Maxx and droid DNA etc then it will not hang on this phones. I have played following PS1 game on android.

  • Tekken 3
  • Metal Slug Super Vehicle001
  • Soul Blade
  • SmackDown 2 Know Your Role
  • Bloody Roar 2
  • Final Fantasy 1-8
  • WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game
But when you play Tekken 3 on android then you will see only few players. You have to unlock them by playing the game. But you don't need to unlock because I have unlocked all the players of Tekken 3 for you. You just have to download the memory cards.

➜ Load And Save A Game

Read Play Sony PlayStation [PS2] Games On Android

With fpse you can save your game so later you can continue from where you left it. But before saving the game make sure that you have set up bios file correctly, that I told in previous steps above. To load a playstation game on fpse you first need to save it. Follow the steps below.

  • To save any game any time, click the menu button and select save. A list of 5 saving slots will open. Choose any slot to save your game state.
  • To load any saved game click load and choose the state you previously saved.
  • You can save up to 5 different game states. To save new states if the slots are full, click on any slot to over write it.

➜ Tekken 3 Memory Cards Download

OverviewOriginally released as Soul Edge in 1995, a weapon-based fighter that spawned the popular Soul Calibur series of games. Along with Battle Arena Toshinden, it was one of the first 3-D games to utilize weapons instead of strictly hand to hand fighting.

GlimpG rates this game: 5/5

In the medieval times, among all cultures, with different languages, history and traditions, there is only one legend common to all: the Soul Edge (Soul Blade), a sword so powerful that can destroy the world, arise a man as a god, cure the death or even change the destiny. Of course, for this great power there is a price.

The mightiest heroes around the known world gather and face themselves in merciless combat to obtain the Soul Edge, the cursed blade, each one with different motivations... some will destroy it, some shall use it, some will got cursed with infinite power, and some other shall be free.

There are two modes of single player: Arcade mode, a classic random tournament mode where you are rewarded with a video (bad or good ending, to make the "wise" choice, press circle in the right time while the movie is playing). And story mode, that makes a deeper exploration in all characters motivation, past and story of battles, that face you to different challenges according to each enemy background and the story development, unlocking in every victory the next chapters in the book and more weapons to play either in single player or in versus and team mode.

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