Text Vs Calling Essay

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June 25, 2013
Compare and Contrast: Texting VS Calling
What would we do without cell phones? Have you ever tried to leave your phone at home just to see how much it’s really needed in your everyday life? I have and it’s a lot harder than you think. Technology has grown so much in the past ten years then you would ever know. From little black and white flip phones to tablets with apps, games, music and pretty much anything you could ever want just in the palm of your hand. In 1973 the first cell phone was invented, and it took twenty-two years after that, 1995, to invent text messaging. Now it seems as though text messaging is among the most popular way of communication. Although texting and phone calls aim to accomplish the…show more content…

Also, texting can save you from that embarrassing moment in public when having a private conversation about yourself or someone you know. With texting there are advantages, but they also come with disadvantages. Texting can be faster and get to the point, but, when you enter in a “no service area” your message won’t get delivered at that direct moment. Could take a few hours before the recipient receives it. Which could be a disadvantage to both calling and texting. Auto correct is a feature on your phone that changes words in your sentences making them different from what you meant. Therefore, could be the cause to a message being misinterpreted by the receiver and take it the wrong way then it was intended to be understood. Causing more trouble than it should have. A big problem around the world today is the distraction with texting and driving, causing you to take your eyes and attention off the road. Hearing a voice rather than seeing a text can make a phone conversation feel more personal and make an important call have a professional touch to it. If you are going to be late for a job or professional event it is always better to call rather than text. One feature with call phones, is when calling and the other end does not answer you are able to leave a voice mail to what you were calling about. Calling takes less time to explain what you are doing and what needs to be done. Therefore having a

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4) We can see the sagacity of McLuhan words as our evolving technological communication devices, emphasize mobility and connectivity. This connectivity does not apply to the external world but indeed many features are designed and desired for their ergonomic conformity.

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First, members notice, interpret and correct them as violations of those features. Second, many occasions of violation can be shown to be consequences of the very system that accomplishes proper speaker transitions. The notion of error or violation is often a weak one in the social sciences, for the mistake may be the analyst's, not the actor's.

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Targeted Messaging

It is to be noted the depiction of girls or women in media is always considered as a concern and remain one of the important issues to be dealt with as many research studies indicate that there are few women than men in the industry. (ETFO,

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Text messaging to personal conversation

ough a more personal way of conveying the meaning of their thoughts and actions, still more are rather into the trend of acquiring gadgets to save time and energy. The latter is preferred especially when a number of engagements are baffling enough that some people begin making

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Text messaging and the positive effects on literature

The BBC reported that in September 2007, nearly 5 billion text messages (or SMS, Short Message Service) were sent in Britain, about 4,000 per second. (Plester, B., Wood, C., & Joshi, P., March, 2009). In a public

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The conversation started with an analysis of a piece of art. My interlocutor (Mike) was standing in front of the painting and tried to construct a consistent argumentation by pointing on the parts of the painting he was interpreting. His body language seemed

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The Relationship between Text Messaging and Literacy

Although older generation researchers and academicians argue that technological developments in communication have detrimental implications on the youth and future generations, it is justifiable that text messaging has a positive influence on literacy levels by encouraging communication and open discussion.

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