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The Trodat Rubber Stamp Case Study

Trodat Rubber Stamp SA is an innovative and rapidly expanding online rubber stamp ordering company that realised the necessity of effective business intelligence tools due to the growing demand for customers to be able to design, process and pay for their orders online.  Faced with the challenge of obtaining slow moving stock reports, unit performance, selling price review, gross profit summary, re-order reports and debtors’ reports at the click of a mouse, Integrity BI software and consulting services was able to meet this need as well as provide adequate training to the solutions report development team.

Integrity BI is data management and reporting software, about which Clive Heydenrych (Managing Director at Trodat Rubber Stamp SA) said: “I now have a cluster of BI reports, which I can generate at a moment’s notice, that provide me with instant dashboard reports to facilitate the effective management of this business. These reports previously would take many hours to generate, but Integrity BI has extremely enhanced our efficiency in the workplace.”

Project Description



Test whether the use of live stamps would boost response rates for a personal loan offer.


The financial institution was interested in exploring the effect of using live stamps as opposed to a generic-looking indicia.


The mailing of 6,000 was randomly split in half, with everything remaining constant except the use of stamps vs. indicia.


While the response rates were quite close between the two groups, the average balance of those that received the live stamp was considerably higher than that of the indicia group. In fact, the average stamp recipient had a balance 55% higher than the indicia-based group.

Was that higher average balance due only to the use of a live stamp? It is difficult to tell without doing an additional test. However, if all things are constant (which they were) one would have to look to the only difference in the mailing as the potential driver of increased results.



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