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What is a Workbook?

Workbooks – to reinforce learning

In order to reinforce learning, Navneet workbooks are used by students as supplementary curriculum materials. Suiting to the needs of students at all levels, they provide with ready and handy materials, for assessing the performance without any external aid.

This effective education tool offers:

  • a clear summary of lessons/chapters from textbooks
  • key points to read, revise and reinforce concepts
  • wide-ranging questions for practice
  • sufficient space to write answers

Written by highly competent educationalists and experienced authors, these workbooks are highly recommended by school teachers.

The Workbooks always reflect the latest changes in content and paper pattern as revised by the Board from time to time.

A judicious use of this workbook will not only enable the students to assimilate the subject matter in a systematic way but also generate in them the requisite confidence to face the challenge posed by the examinations.

* Workbooks are available for Std I to X in all prescribed subjects.

What is Smart Workbook?

2. Vikas Smart Workbooks – Success Way to CCE!

For the betterment of students, the education system, especially the examination and evaluation system, has been thoroughly revised by the Government. Navneet strives to bring about these developments in the students' educational material to keep them in line with the new changes.

Vikas Smart Workbooks are based on the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) - a newly introduced system of evaluation. Meticulous research on the new system has been done before preparing these books for the students.

What do the Vikas Smart Workbooks contain?


1. Thought-provoking questions and  various other exercises for Summative Evaluation.

2. Open-book tests and Closed-book tests after every few chapters / lessons.

3. Innovative suggestions on the tools of Formative Evaluation such as oral work (group discussion, role-play), activities, projects, etc. in each chapter / lesson.

4. Many exercises based on values, life skills, etc. for all-round development of the students.

5. Model Question Papers including questions for Oral test for Summative Evaluation.

Each book gives detailed information on the new evaluation system, on the changed learning focus and examination pattern. The Smart Workbooks ensure that the students as well as their parents become fully conversant with the new system.

1. Based on the textbooks

2. Prepared as per the new CCE system

3. Assignments are given, dividing the chapters / lessons into small sections for better understanding of the students. Use the Smart Workbooks to adapt to the new system with confidence!

What is a Digest?

Navneet Digest – ready reference guide

Navneet Digest is a companion for students. It is a single-source book where they can find all what is relevant to textbook lessons or chapters.

Digest in each subject is prepared to cater to the specific need of the students. Each Digest has its student-friendly features to make learning easy and meaningful.

Why Navneet Digest?

  • For an independent study
  • As a ready reference book
  • As a user-friendly educational aid
  • For easy and lucid explanation
  • A study material well-appreciated by most parents

Digests are meticulously revised and updated to include any change in the syllabus or paper pattern.

The students can use these books to understand the concepts well and to know how to express them effectively. Once they learn the tricks, success is surely theirs!

What is 21 Sets?

4. Most Likely Question Sets – Synonymous with Exam Success for the past 35 years !

Question Paper Sets specially prepared to help students appearing for the Board Exams (X & XII), ' 21 Most Likely Question Sets' could be one book which everyone closely associates with Navneet : those who succeeded in life - with extreme thankfulness; those who are to appear for the Board Exams - with great expectations.

21 Most LikelyQuestion Sets 

  • Effective skills of writing answers
  • Intelligent methods of studying a subject in limited time
  • Precise ways of presenting answers
  • Prioritising and categorising topics for efficient learning
  • Explanation and special tips on each question type.
  • Model answers to important questions.

These books are revised and updated regularly to include the  latest changes in the syllabi and paper pattern prescribed by the Board.

Navneet Education Limited (BSE: 508989) is an Indian company that is in the business of educational and children book publishing, scholastic stationery and non-paper stationery products.[5] It operates in three segments: Publication, Stationery and Others. Its products are Navneet, Vikas, Gala, YOUVA. It produces titles in the children and general book categories, which includes children activity, board, story, health, cooking, mehendi, and embroidery books. It has more than 5000 titles in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and other languages.[6]

Corporate Information[edit]

It was founded 1959 in Mumbai.[7] In 1993, it became as public company and listed its shares on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Presently the Chairman is Mr. Kamlesh S. Vikamsey and the Managing Director is Gnanesh D. Gala. The Joint Managing Director is Mr. Raju H. Gala. The Chief Financial Officer is Mr. Deepak Kaku and the Company Secretary is Mr. Amit Buch It has its registered office at Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


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