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"When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above?

People used to say "Count on Luck" because of the idea that luck helps you succeed. But in my opinion, hard working is the key factor to decide whether you are successful or not as it provides good preparation and chance to meet friends and opportunities.

Firstly, diligence helps me to achieve base knowledge which leads straight to success. A good preparation is necessary when chances, which can bring successes, come to us. Besides, a well understanding about my major creates my confidence, help me to express myself one hundred percent better. For example, if I did a math once and in the test I meet it, so I have enough confidence to do it without spending time on finding solution. By and large, only by being well prepared, do I find my success.

In the second place, to meet friends and opportunities are one of the reasons why I choose hard work. If I am a hard working one, I will usually come to library where other passionate people can be met. We can share our ideas, help each other to improve and get experiences. Moreover, chances are wide open when I deal with lots of people. Through conversations or being introduced, more people know about me and I am more likely to get the jobs than others. In short, diligence has another advantage - build a wide range of friends and chances.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that luck can help you success may be once, but hard work works always.

Help me please, I need comment to correct my mistake. Another problem I meet that, I can not come up with any idea, Can anyone help me???

For TOEFL right?Your essay is a little short.If you want to get high level in the test,you need 300 words at least.

Paragraph 1:inform the reader the relationships between hard work and success,and don't deny that luck contribute to success.

Paragraph 2:hard work enables people to obtain knowledge to success.For example,Marie Curie or other famous people who are knowledgeable.

Paragraph 3:hard work let people learn valuable qualities(never give up,creativity,leadership,collaboration) that can make them successful.For example,Edison learnt to never give up/Cameron learnt how to lead the whole crew to make a classic movie...

Paragraph 4:luck contribute to success as well.For example,Anne Hathaway was chosen by accident,or Galileo observe the pendulum accidentally and discovered the true theory of Free Fall...

Paragraph 5:generally repeat Paragraph 1

Digilence is an important aspect of personal as well as professional life. It helps in achieving goals and leaves an impressive impression on others. Let us discuss its importance in detail.

The habit of being persistent and making hard-working effort in your work or duties may be a painful activity, but, undergoing a significant change it brings you impressive achievements eventually. Not only does it cause you to achieve your goals but it also makes a favorable impression on others. In this way, the activity which was thought to be painful turns out to be fruitful.  Whatever it may be, a field of knowledge, interest or activity, if you make persistent efforts with hard work toward the accomplishment of your goals, they are not to be futile at all. Of course, in one way or another, your efforts are to be duly acknowledged. That’s the blessing of this quality, which is diligence.

As is patience, diligence is a virtue. A diligent person is he who shows persistent and hardworking effort in doing something.

In this way, diligence may rather be regarded as a combination of both hard work and patience because being persistent requires patience. It is also one of the most important attributes of a person. It is a heavenly gift that has been endowed upon a person. One must therefore feel privileged to have got it.

Diligence is needed in all spheres of life as it is one of the key ingredients for success. Those who use the sheer power of diligence, succeed in their goals surely. If you are a student, you can make yourself successful in your studies on the basis of your diligence. If you are an employee, diligence causes you to be regarded as an asset to your organization and leading you toward the excellence eventually, diligence does not only delight you but it also does to your owners keeping you in their good books always. Making a good career or career move or craving for career development requires one hundred percent commitment and in order to stay committed you must be diligent.

To sum up, one must remind oneself of the drawbacks or downsides of sitting idle. An idle person is known as good-for-nothing. There is no real pleasure in sitting idle but it is idle pleasures. One therefore needs to be active to keep all his relating matters activated. Diligence refers to being persistent and making hard work effort in doing something. As it goes in this proverb that emphasizes the importance of diligence, “A wandering dog is better than a lion lying down”.




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