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Network engineering

Staying connected is the motto of the world today and being a Network Engineer intern at Verizon, I will be a proud part of the taskforce accountable for it. As a part of the telecommunication industry for almost 4 years, I offer excellent understanding and administration of communication networks (wired and wireless) and customer support services. The work outline is perfectly tailored to my experience and background, and I believe I have the potential to adapt to the role described.

I have proven expertise in providing uninterrupted wired telephone services to around 20000 subscribers, in quick response to alarms and troubleshooting network components (switches and routes), resulting in a large reduction of network downtimes in the region. Timely resolution of trouble tickets, using the CLARITY ticketing system, needed collaboration across teams and departments, and I loved learning something new from colleagues and situations.

I am currently pursuing my Masters with a focus on communication and signal processing, and have taken up courses such as Wireless Communication technology, and computer networks which will prepare me further for this position. I believe my educational and professional experience puts me ahead of new graduates and will help me deliver from day one of joining. 

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RyanN221 in Webster, New York said: Well I just received a response to my sent email to the original HR person lastnight. I got the thanks but no Thanks letter (automated). I am truly aggravated by this as I spent a lot of time attempting to attain a position here. They kept me in the "dark" most of the time and on two separate occasions I had to find out myself what was going on behind the scenes. Extremely negative experience. Maybe I am just upset I did not get hired but I can honestly say I have no idea where I went wrong I did not doubt myself once. Life goes on I guess.

Prepping for an interview is par for the course and is not "wasted time". Much of what you prepare can be used in other interviews. How you go about prepping your knowledge of the company can be used as a learning experience and the interview questions on this part can help you gauge what worked well and what didn't work well. Nobody is perfect so I am sure if you self-analyze you can figure out what you did wrong.

As for them keeping you "in the dark" as you say, and having to find out what was going on behind the scenes yourself...well, honestly that could be part of your problem. What happens behind the scenes during an interview is for the employer to know and not the candidate. This is completely normal and shouldn't be considered a negative experience. If you are pushing to get info on multiple occasions, that either they weren't ready to give yet or that they simply didn't want you to have, you absolutely could have annoyed them enough that they decided not to hire you.

Try to remember that the employer does not owe you any inside information on their process. Yes, they should give timelines and stick to it, but even that is not something all employers do. You just have to learn to live with it.

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