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Scope and Objective:
International Journal of Recent Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJRREEE) is one of the rigorously peer reviewed online open access Journal. Advisory and editorial board invites high quality and innovative research work for publication. Audience of International Journal of Recent Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering journal are professors, researchers, research and development organization, Academic Institutions. Main objective is to spread recent research and development in the field of electrical and electronics engineering worldwide. Articles of short note, case studies, novel reviews, and original research paper are invited for publication. Author can track their status of paper any time by using manuscript tracking system. This system provides author real time status of paper. Double blind peer reviewing system is used for fair review process of paper. Time require for reviewing of paper is between one to two weeks.

Paper Submission:
Sumit your paper at or by using form submission

Executive Editor: Dr. Sinisa Antonijevic,Associate Professor, Department of Polytechnics, Faculty of Science, University of SplitCroatia.

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Publication Frequency:
Issues of this Journal published on quarterly basis. Articles once accepted by editors are published on same day by publishing team.

Topic Covered:
Topics of International Journal of Recent Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJRREEE) are Adaptive Controls; Algorithms Used In Engineering; Alternative Energy Sources; Antenna and Wave; Propagation; Artificial Intelligent and Expert System; Augmented Reality; Automation and Control; Automotive Electronics; Biomaterials; Biomechanics; Biomedical Engineering; Biomedical Imaging; Biomedical Informatics; Biomedical Instrumentation; Biomedical Projects; Cable System; CAD Tools; Circuits and Devices; Communication Electronics; Communication Network and Systems; Communications;  Complex Adaptive Systems; Computational Intelligence; Computer Architecture; Computer Communication Networks; Computer Security; Control And Computer Systems; Control Theory and Applications; Data Base System; Dependable Computing; Discrete Event Systems; Distributed Generation; Distributed Platform; Distribution Systems; Drug Delivery Systems; Dynamic Model; Identification; Education In Control; Electric Power Generation; Electric Power Systems; Electric Traction; Electrical Engineering Materials; Electrical Machines and Drives; Electrical Measurements; Electrical Technologies; Electromagnetic Compatibility; Electromagnetic Fields; Electronic Materials; Electrostatics; Embedded System; Energy Economics; Energy Efficiency; Energy Studies; Engineering Tools and Methods; Expert Systems; FACTS; Fuzzy Logic Controller; Generation and Network Planning; Genetic Algorithm; High Performance Computing; High Voltage Apparatuses; High Voltage Engineering; High Voltage Insulation Technologies; Human Computer Interaction; Human Machine Interface; Hybrid And Switching Control; Image Based Control; Image Processing; Impact Of Non-Conventional Systems; Implementation Problems Of Integrated Circuits; Industrial Electrical Power Systems; Information Systems; Instrumentation And Control; Intelligent Networks; Intelligent Systems; Intelligent Systems; IT Governance; Lightning Detection And Protection; Load Flow Analysis; Long And Short Term Operation; Man Machine Interfaces; Mechatronic Systems; Mechatronics; Medical Imaging Equipment; Microelectronic System; Micro-Grids; Modelling And Identification; Motion Control Hardware; Network Theory; Networking Technology; Neural Network; Neural Networks; Next Generation Control; Non Linear And Stochastic Controls; Novel Computing Systems; Object Oriented Systems; On-Line Control Including Load And Switching Control; Optical Communication Technology; Parallel And Distributed Computer; Parameter Estimation; Performance Modelling; Pervasive Computing; Power Economic; Power Electrical Circuits; Power Electronics; Power Engineering; Power Quality; Power System Analysis; Power System Dynamics; Power Transmission Economics; Process Control; Process Optimization; Radar Imaging; Radio Communication; Rehabilitation Engineering; Reliability; Renewable Energy; Robotics; SCADA; Security Network; Signal Processing; Smart Grids; Stochastic Systems; Switchgear and Protection; System Control Centre; System Security and Adequacy; Systems Optimization Telecommunication Engineering; Telemedicine System;  Telemetry; Traffic Modelling; Transducers And Instrumentation; Transmission And Distribution; VLSI Design-Network; Wireless Communication; Wireless Networks and Applications.

Use the databases listed below to search for and find articles on topics in electrical engineering. There will be some overlap in these databases, but they will also all have unique materials in them.

Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, Optics Databases

    Covers electrical and electronics engineering, applied physics, and computer and control technologies. More info.

  • Compendex (Engineering Index)
    Engineering & applied science-related research. More info

  • IEEE Xplore
    Provides full text access to IEEE and IET publications. More info

  • SPIE Digital Library
    Extensive research database on optics and photonics research, providing full text access to SPIE journals, conferences, and selected books. More info

  • Applied Science & Technology Source
    Multi-disciplinary database with references to technical literature (journal articles, magazine articles, news stories, and conference papers) and links to selected full-text. More info

  • ACM Digital Library
    Leads to Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) publications including journal articles and conference papers. More info

  • APS Journals
    Full text of all American Physical Society journals back to 1893. More info

  • IOP Electronic Journals
    Full-text of selected Institute of Physics journals. More info

  • ASME Journals
    Full-text journals published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. More info

  • AIP Journals via Scitation
    Searches American Institute of Physics (AIP) and AIP Member Society journals, over 40 titles and over 1 million articles. Note: While searching is open to the public, access to the full-text of articles is limited to those that UB has a subscripton to or are open access (free-to-read). More info

Major Multidisciplinary Databases

  • Web of Science
    One-pass searching of Web of Science citation indexes, BIOSIS Citation Index, Derwent Innovations Index, MEDLINE and more. More Info

  • ScienceDirect
    Full-text of all Elsevier published journals.More Info

  • Nature Journals
    The UB Libraries subscribe to most Nature Publishing Group journals (and its subsidiary, Cell Press), including the flagship journals Nature and Cell. In many cases, the full-text is available back to the first volume of each title. More Info

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