Nfu Oh Flakies Comparison Essay

Keeping in line with my other posts this week. Here is Nfu Oh #65 - aka the Blue holo.

Very pretty blue/aqua coloured holo.  Fantastic linear holo finish.  Application, finish, wear etc same as the other Nfu Oh holo polishes.  This was three coats.

Here it is indoors.

And of course - a comparison with my other blue holos. Taken indoors, from left to right:

Nfu Oh #65, China Glaze 2Nite, Artform 3D Dark Blue, OPI DS Glamour.

Here is the same holo comparison in the sunlight. From left to right:

Nfu Oh #65, China Glaze 2Nite, Artform 3D Dark Blue, OPI DS Glamour. 
The Artform 3D polish I only got last week.  In fact I got four new artform holos, and I think they are very cool.  I will post about them separately soon.

Here is a close up of Nfu Oh #65 and 2NITE.  Both linear particle holographic but #65 is more aqua and 2NITE is more cornflour blue.

Close ups of Artform 3D Dark Blue and OPI Glamour.  In the sun, the Artform 3D Dark Blue polish is a similar colour to #65 but has more scattered holo finish.

I haven't worn the new Artform 3D Dark Blue polish as a mani, so I can't comment on its wear yet, but the wear on #65 and 2NITE isn't great, they flake and chip very quickly.  OPI Glamour lasts a bit longer.

I have the green holos ready to go, but I'm just waiting to receive Nubar Reclaim in the mail to do the comparison swatch.  Hopefully it will arrive this week.

I'm a little late posting today, but have another magnificent Nfu Oh holographic polish to share to make up for it.

This is Nfu Oh #64, which I classify as a mauve holo.  It's just like the other Nfu Oh polishes, that is:

  • it dries kinda matte
  • super impressive holo finish in the sun
  • rather dull with indoor lighting
  • very linear holo appearance (rather than scattered)
  • crappy wear, chips on the first day
  • difficult to apply, you get bald spots

Here is the same polish taken indoors.  As you can see on the index and ring finger, there are still two small bald spots at the back of the nail.  And this was after three coats.  This polish is very similar to #63, which I will show you tomorrow.  It really looks pink, rather than mauve indoors.

Here is a mauve holo comparison swatch. From left to right:

Nfu Oh #64, OPI DS Original, China Glaze IDK, China Glaze LOL (which is actually purple not mauve, but I needed a fourth polish).

Nfu Oh has the best holo appearance and is a much pinker mauve than the others.  OPI DS Original had the best shiny finish and a scattered holo effect.  IDK leans more blue, has a good smooth linear holo finish (although it's not as pronounced as the Nfu Oh)

Do you really need all of them - absolutely!

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